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This resource is a site where traders interested in MetaQuotes Language 4 and automated trading systems communicate. Every visitor can find here the full description of the language and its features, as well as the examples how to use various functions.

Registration on MQL4.com gives more rights. Exclusively registered users may publish their own developments and articles, discuss various issues in the forum, and subscribe to the news. Moreover, only registered users may become the resource moderators.

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  1. Please, be polite communicating in this forum. Any posts which may offend other visitors of the forum are forbidden.
  2. Negative discussions of any banking, brokerage and other financial institutions are not allowed.
  3. Any discussions about personal relations between the participants of the forum are forbidden.
  4. Any use of obscene expressions is forbidden.
  5. Posting of advertising messages, spamming and flooding are forbidden.
  6. Numerous breakings of rules, ignoring moderators' remarks and furthermore open disrespect for administration will result in banning from the forum without any explanations.
  7. The administration has the right to change these rules if necessary.
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