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MQL4 Programs Market

Here you will find a lot of programs for the MetaTrader 4 terminal that release traders from routine operations helping to focus on really important matters.

Technical indicators, trading robots, control panels and analysis systems are all available in the MQL4 language.

Tight Scalper

Tight Scalper is a fully automated scalping Expert Advisor. It trades by the channel breakout strategy. You will not need to fine tune this EA. It uses smart algorithms to adapt to market. No standard indicators. No martingale. No grid trading. No arbitrage. No curve fitting...


A Breakthrough! Using the logic behind the Classic A Black Box EA, a total self-optimizing , automatic and adaptive version has been developed. The optimizing feature is lightning fast giving you a clear indication of expected pips with current parameters right on your screen. Clearly made for tho...

Pro Pips

The Expert Advisor adapts to any symbol and spread. It is neither a scalper, nor an arbitrage. Its operation has been tested on a real account (see the screenshots). The trading robot is easy to use and features a small number of settings. The EA works with any amount of symbols simultaneously. It...


MicroBOT trades support and resistance. Its core piece is a highly developed trading algorithm that has passed through an intense quantitative evaluation process. MicroBOT Is Easy to Use Only two parameters are needed to be set: Lot size Limit value for spread MicroB...


This script is built for news trading. It can place multiple orders at a time on different pairs. It CANNOT be tested in the strategy tester. Try free version of this product. The inputs tab lists 7 major currencies with which you can make pairs using the main currency of this product. To...


The FOREXSTAY LIGHT EA is a very intelligent expert system that works with 10 strategies & 10 filters and can open and manage up to 100 trades in one second. Also, this easy Expert Adviser does not need any optimization or complicated settings, just add it to a chart and it will run like...

Jobs for Freelancers

Here you can post or fulfill an order for the development of indicators, trading robots and other useful applications for trading in financial markets.

This is the biggest site with a guarantee of payment to the developer and protection of the customer - the order amount is automatically reserved on the customer's account, and any disputes are resolved in arbitrage

Indicator signal driven 1 position simple reverse system on range chart

I need a en expert, wich can trade with this 2 indicator: Supertrend signals (buy positions trailing with green dots, sells with the reds..) --> I would like to choose (4 or 8) range charts, too! or: Line Break Chart  (buy if the bars are green, sell if red..) (there is lot of indi for...

Metatrader 4 Program

I need a EA that can send me an email when the price of a pair has reached a specifically calculated price point, before a specifically designated time.  The pair is the EUR/USD The calculated price point is based off of a percent number I will supply applied to the closing price of the EUR/U...

Trainee programmer mql 4profitable eas to mql5

To rewrite 50 profitable expert advisors  coded in  1986  into mql5  with newer professional trader logic . To recode  20 library files  into mql5 To recode 22 custom indicators , these tell u exactly /precisely when to trade with buckets To recode 14 utilities...

LWMA Histograme

I Have this indicator based on MA, it shows list of currency pairs   with values in real time I want to make an indicator that shows Histogram instead of the Values, this will enable me back test Attached is a picture showing the Indicator values  


Hello f2011,   Here is the  description for the Actual Job.   Please read the Instructions carefully and ask me in discussion for further Details.   I wish good luck with this Job.   Thanks and Best Regards,   mrblue2110 

New EA Moving Average

Hi I need a new EA coded as my current one has been modified so much it now getting dificult for coders to modifiy, so here it is. It is a basic moving average system which works well for me,  it uses the a basic buy rule of price must be above the 200 EMA to buy and under it to sell, but the...

Traders' Blogs

Read blogs and participate in the discussion of interesting posts.

Share interesting news, useful information and new ideas with all participants!

Bitcoin could replace the US dollar by 2030

Coinbase is the world’s largest Bitcoin wallet provider, and the CEO of Coinbase says that Bitcoin could replace the US dollar as the global reserve currency by 2030. Though this is another point to say whether the US will allow a rival currency to replace its dollar, the ramifications of Bitcoin emerging as a reserve currency will be many.

Brian Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, and he told that Bitcoin could surpass the dollar as reserve currency within 10-15 years: Coinbase had a “rough plan” to make this happen.

Important Event To Day Ahead - Westpac

Sean Callow, analyst at Westpac Banking Corporation explained that the Asian calendar is empty. The market will focus on Chinese equities, it opened at 9:30 am local time and record important events thereafter.

Important excerpts:

"UK second-quarter GDP expected 0.7% quarterly and 2.6% yearly. In the first quarter of data in 0.4% and 2.9%. The median forecast for US consumer confidence in July was down from 101.4 to 100.0 that would still be close to the highest in 2007. We will see house prices S & P / Case-Shiller. the data is the preferred measure though tends not to be driving the market. prices rose 4.9% annually in April and is expected to rise further to 5 , 6% in May. Richmond Fed manufacturing index also came out in July.

At the closing NY, RBNZ Governor Wheeler speaks to business breakfast. He will outline a brief statement last week that not enough bearish as expected.

Expert Advisort Recomond 

Stage strong rally EUR / CHF

In accordance with the MACD 1 hour, the movement of the EUR / CHF has reached the highest intraday momentum of trading last month.

Prudence advised not to do at the climax of the sale and purchase for heavy flow can occur. It could be a short-term profit taking or long-term sellers join the market. MACD value per hour freshly printed showing a lack of acceleration, the possibility of early signs of a decline in the price action of the EUR / CHF.

Expert Advisort Recomond 

Shmendridge Price Action Master Original w source   

USD/JPY is in freefall / US Stock Ends in Red, Unable to Tackle Made in China Bears

Wall Street posted losses on Monday despite positive durable orders goods in June, as the heavy punch from China drove stock indices lower.

New York - Once again US markets were unable to escape from the clutch of global issues as the early morning Chinese slump, on the back of renewed problems in the world's second biggest economy, drove equity markets across the globe south.

"The fear factor of China is very much alive in the market. That's nearing us to some technical support levels," Rockwell Global Capital chief market economist Peter Cardillo said. "Slow growth out of China just complicates the oil picture."

The Standard & Poor's 500 index closed with a loss of 0.57% at 2,067.79 points.

Among the other indices, the Dow Jones Industrial gave up 0.72% to 17,441.99 points, while the Nasdaq Composite ended 0.96% lower at 5,039.78 points.

Cruscotto by Andrea Salvatore


Cruscotto is the ultimate currency strength/weakness indicator. It monitors the status of the 8 major currencies, gold and oil in real time, using the data coming from 6 different time frames: from 15 minutes up to one month of data.

This will not only give you an overview of the currency situation, but also the details on its performance in the short term.

The strength/weakness score goes from -100 to 100 and is calculated using all the pairs in which the currency is involved. So for example, when you see a strong EUR and a weak USD, it means that the EUR is strong vs all the other currencies and vice versa for the USD. That makes a long trade on EURUSD much more likely to end profitably.

Invest in Gold

Knowledge of rethinking financial sustainability, substantial financial resources and the system, as well accumulating evidence shows that financial development accelerates economic growth. China with its sophisticated financial system integrated with other economies by identifying roles is moving an innovation revolution that will change the fate of the financial industry. Not only from cutting-edge research but major advances such of the proportion of gold in its foreign exchange reserves. Foreign-exchange reserves reached US$ 3.8 trillion in December 2014. The China Gold Association says that they aim to surpass Germany in the near future as second largest holder of gold reserves. Last year China become the largest consumer of gold and Chinese demand for gold remains substantial. Investors should keep focusing on fundamentally strong companies with high-grade reserves. China GDP growth forecast 2015-2020 and up to 2060 and more actual forecasts, more information about growth targets

Traders Forum

Here you can ask any questions on technical analysis, discuss ideas about trading systems, indicators and robots, as well as hone your skills of programming trading strategies in MQL4.

Communicate and share your experience with traders from anywhere in the world. Ask questions and help newbies with valuable advices - is developing along with you.


what the problem in this expert

hi, i build this expert but it can't place orders ,Is there a mistake void OnTick ()   {    double vpoint  = MarketInfo( "EURUSD" ,MODE_POINT);    double SL= 50 *vpoint;    double TP= 100 *vpoint; int tota...


Help me please

 I need to insert this function (extern double BandsDeviations = 2.0) but I have a big problem ... I know nothing about programming, I hope some expert can help me Thank You PS: sorry for my bad English   #property indicator_chart_window #property indica...


Get XSIZE of a LABEL OBJECT - Is it possible?

Hi Coders! Is is possible to get the XSIZE of a LABEL OBJECT? I tried this code: label_object_xsize = ObjectGetInteger ( 0 ,object_name, OBJPROP_XSIZE ); But I got this error message: Unknown object property Thank you in advance. Relative


Purchase Passports, visas, Driver's license, ID cards, e.t.c (

Purchase Passports, visas, Driver's license, ID cards, e.t.c ( Buy high quality real and fake Passports, Visas, Driver's License ,ID CARDS, Marriage certificates, Diplomas, Birth Certificates, Credit cards, Utility bills, Social Security cards, Resident permits, Death cer...


Buffer problem ArrayMaximum, ArrayMinimum

Hi, To Anyone who can shed some light:  I'm plotting the Highest High and Lowest Low in Line style buffers,  the number of bars look back is counted since the last crossover of close price moving above or below a 100 SMA. The problem is that on the current bar(most recent) the buffer...


Simple question about closing Price!

Hi all, i only want a line of close price H1 in timeframe M5. I am using this code but.... i dont understand where i am failing: int start()   {    int counted_bars=IndicatorCounted();    if (counted_bars> 0 )       c...