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MQL4 Programs Market

Here you will find a lot of programs for the MetaTrader 4 terminal that release traders from routine operations helping to focus on really important matters.

Technical indicators, trading robots, control panels and analysis systems are all available in the MQL4 language.

Tight Scalper

Tight Scalper is a fully automated scalping Expert Advisor. It trades by the channel breakout strategy. You will not need to fine tune this EA. It uses smart algorithms to adapt to market. No standard indicators. No martingale. No grid trading. No arbitrage. No curve fitting...

Pro Scalp

Pro Scalp is a very smart scalping system that will detect high-probability entries for price action breakouts on the H1 timeframe. The EA uses a very small SL so the account is always protected from equity drawdown with a very low risk-per-trade. The potential profits per trade are very hig...


Smart breakout is an advance trading system. SB uses real breakout strategy with an in-built intelligent filter eliminating bad signals. Trades are always protected with STOPLOSS, Smart Trailing and Breakeven. This EA is very easy to use and it does not use up your CPU or memory. SB has prov...

Adaptive Scalper EA

Description Adaptive Scalper EA  is a multi-currency scalper Expert Advisor, intended for EURUSD and GBPUSD on timeframe M15. Using several strategies, it is highly adaptable on market conditions. Can also be used on another pairs such as USDCAD, EURGBP, USDCHF. The trades are...


Ascender is an automatic and smart Expert Advisor, which uses safe and unique strategy allowing it to trade in all market conditions. This EA with smart and powerful money management system could trade more than 1 000 times each day. This EA is designed for EURUSD pair and you can trade on...

PipFinite Trend Laser

Background Pipfinite creates unique, high quality and affordable trading tools. Our tools may or may not work for you, so we strongly suggest to try the Demo Version for MT4 first. Please test the indicator prior to purchasing to determine if it works for you. We want your good...

Jobs for Freelancers

Here you can post or fulfill an order for the development of indicators, trading robots and other useful applications for trading in financial markets.

This is the biggest site with a guarantee of payment to the developer and protection of the customer - the order amount is automatically reserved on the customer's account, and any disputes are resolved in arbitrage

Buy/sell indicator with pop up window and sound alert

As we discussed about the settings in our chat.  If there is any area that needs clarification then let me know so that  I will clarify it especially with the indicators settings. I would have added some screen shorts to make it more descriptive but I hope you got the gist of the setting...

Safe guard hedge EA

Safe guard hedge EA   You should know the concept of Hedge and Break even.   I would like to have a hedge trade manager EA coded. This is an EA that are intended to protect other EAs trade instead of stop-loss, to prevent me from get a margin call. IE the EA just...

Alert/notification indicator

hello i need  indicator which  performs the following operations: - calculate average price change in percent per candle the user defines the following inputs: - mimum price change in percent per candle  of current candle for alert ( alert will only be triggered when current candle ...

ATMPRO 18 strategies EA

UPGRADE ABLE  ea  modular design  to be able to expand upto 18 PROFESSIONAL  strategies eas   on one ea .We do not require  previous programmers , that we have used for  jobs on odesk , as their work was below my  standards...

MACD with additional line

Create new Indicator which works same as usual iMACD-indicator (mq4) + addititionally it shows one additional line: the relative difference "rel_diff" of macd to the signal line as a separate line within the macd-indicator window. The formula for the difference "rel_diff":...

New Job

i need an EA to store a particular price and use it for managing a trade, so that even when there is slippage, it will be the price used to manage the trade i also need a strategy turned into an EA, i need a very experienced and skilled coder for the job, contact me if you are interested ,...

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Crude Oil Weekly Outlook - secondary flat within the primary bearish

Weekly price is on bearish market condition with below Ichimoku cloud for the secondary ranging within 54.27 resistance and 42.18 support:

Chinkou Span line is located below the price indicating the flat by direction;

Absolute Strength indicator is estimating the secondary flat within the primary bearish;

Nearest support levels are 46.22 and 42.18;

Nearest resistance levels are 54.27 and 69.57.

Banks urge investors to consider U.K. exit risks, as opinion polls shift

Citigroup, UBS and Morgan Stanley are among the lenders advising clients to pay more attention to the so-called Brexit debate. They are doing so as opinion polls signal decreasing support for being a part of the 28-nation trade bloc even before Prime Minister David Cameron sets a date for the referendum he has promised by the end of 2017.

Euro jumps despite downbeat IMF forecast, soft German data

The euro pushed higher against the weaker dollar on Tuesday as a string of poor U.S. data pressured the greenback lower.

Gold set to gain for a third session - the longest streak in a month; U.S. data disappoints

Gold futures were edging higher on Tuesday and eyeing a third day of gains as the precious metal shrugged off a recent rally in global stock markets to focus on hopes that benchmark interest rates will be lower for longer. Meanwhile, S&P 500 opened lower Tuesday.

Oil surges on rumors producers may act together to support prices

Oil prices jumped on Tuesday, heading for the first three-day gain in five weeks, on signs that the world's biggest producers of the commodity may act jointly to buoy prices, which have halved over the past year.

AUD/USD Technical Analysis At Year-End: ranging bearish

AUD/USD is on bearish market condition since the middle of the last year: the price broke Ichimoku cloud from above to below for good breakdown. For now, the price is on bearish market condition with the ranging between 0.7438 resistance level and 0.6907 support level. Ichimoku cliud is located too far from the market price which makes the bullish reversal to be unlikely during this year.

The most realistic scenarios for this pair at year-end are the following:

the pair will be ranging within 0.7438/0.6907 key levels (which is more likely scenario);

price will break 0.6907 support level from above to below with S3 Pivot at 0.6181 as a next bearish target.

MN1 timeframe: the price is ranging within the primary bearish between 0.6907 support and 0.8162 resistance level.

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Here you can ask any questions on technical analysis, discuss ideas about trading systems, indicators and robots, as well as hone your skills of programming trading strategies in MQL4.

Communicate and share your experience with traders from anywhere in the world. Ask questions and help newbies with valuable advices - is developing along with you.


Two simple errors (My first EA)

//+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Expert initialization function                               &n...


counting open orders

int sellOrdersCount(){    int SellOrdersCounting = 0 ;    for ( int iSELL = OrdersTotal ()- 1 ; iSELL >= 0 ; iSELL--){        if ( OrderSelect (iSELL, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES) && OrderSymbol()== EURUSD && OrderMa...


Object is ok on bigger timeframes, but is deleted on M5 timeframe

Hi masters, I have searched to no avail. I have an H1 trendline object based on iLow and iTime, it works fine switching between timeframes until i switch down to the M5 timeframe and then the object is gone and not even in the objects list! Its gojne from M1 too. What would cause that? Thanks! ...


is it possible to download a older build from MT4

hi,   Is it possible to download a older build from MT4 e.g.  build 765 or 625? If so where can I download it? 


Wrong value on calculating difference in hours between TimeCurrent() and TimeLocal()

Hi guys, I am trying to do some calculations with datetimes, and one of them is to detect the difference in hours between the Computer time [ TimeLocal() ] and the Broker Time on Metatrader  [ TimeCurrent() ] : datetime ComputerTime = TimeLocal (); datetime BrokerTime = TimeCurren...


ordersend error 131 with new version of MT4

Hi, my MT4 update to the new version released at 25 Sept 2015 and starting from this update, all my EA (who works fine before) return me the error ordersed 131. Why ? is it changed something ? let me know please i'm desperate!!